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Very light, thin synthetic fibre tissue. Slightly porous so needs a light coat of dope to seal. This gives the rigidity and tension of a doped finish plus the extra strength and toughness of synthetic fibres. Weight 24-28 g.s.m.


Airspan is much stronger and more puncture resistant than normal doped tissue. It is unaffected by moisture or water.


To replace tissue/dope on models from small rubber driven free flight to lightweight power models up to 1.27m span. Very good on flexible airframes as the Airspan/dope will stiffen the frame better than Litespan.


AsFibafilm and Litespan using Balsaloc as a heat seal adhesive or dope the frame and allow to dry. Then lay the Airspan on and paint edges with dope thinners. SIZES:

Sheets 0.91m by 0.5m wide.

COLOURS: White, Cream, Black, Flu Yellow, Flu Pink.


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